“Working with Fit Pics was an amazing experience.  They were extremely professional, at the top of their game.

This was my first photo shoot so I didn’t know what to expect.  They made me feel really comfortable and we were able to get a variety of shots both in studio, gym, and outdoors.

They captured some amazing moments for me and the photo quality was unreal. I would 100% recommend anyone work with them, as they exceeded my expectations.”


Blake + Candace

“We had decided we wanted to do a fitness photoshoot instead of engagement photos for our upcoming wedding.  After emailing and calling a few Saskatoon photographers with no callback or response we started looking in Regina and found Fit Pics.  I was impressed with the quality of the photography on their website and seen he had worked with quite a few of my friends in the fitness industry.  I contacted them and received a timely response by email.  We were able to work out what we were looking for and the entire booking process was easy.

On shoot day we arrived at the gym location and all the equipment was already set up . The shoot was fun and relaxed and we had a great time.  There was a venue change after a couple hours since we also wanted some studio pictures, tear down and setup at the new facility was fast.  The studio shoot was again fun and comfortable.

We received some teaser pics the same day and were blown away by how well they turned out. The most difficult part of the entire shoot was trying to pick what images we liked best for editing as they were all so good.  I would highly recommend Fit Pics to anyone thinking about booking photography.”

-Blake & Candace


“Dealing with Fit Pics Pro was a great experience, and something I enjoyed and wouldn’t hesitate to do again. It was professional from start to end and was easy to accomplish what I had in mind, I think with their experience and attitude, towards accomplishing a great client experience made the differentiating factor from other photographers.

I also was not expecting to have all the photos right after the shoot to my disposal.  Just phenomenal service and I look forward to the next shoot!



“I have nothing but good things to say about Fit Pics! I took a lot of time selecting who I wanted to do my photo shoot, when you put months of blood, sweat, and tears into your body you want your pictures to showcase all of the hard work you have invested; and Fit Pics did just that and more!

I am blown away by all of my pictures, they are all exceptional. I have had tons of comments on how amazing all of my photos turned out by many friends, family, and clientele. The photographer is very professional, easy to talk to and easy to work with, he has tons of ideas, and he knows his stuff.

I also highly appreciate that they work with each of their models on an individual level to produce knock out photos that are unique to each person. I highly recommend their services and I cannot wait to work with them again in the future.”



Fit Pics connected me to an opportunity with a large supplement company.  I had the great opportunity to do a Mutant photo shoot with Fit Pics.

As a shy individual they were able to make me feel comfortable and give guidance when posing.  Their studio set-up allows you to see the images as they are taken which also gives you a better idea of how to adjust for a better shot.  I am extremely happy with the quality of my photos and the prompt return on edits.

Thanks again Fit Pics for connecting me with Mutant and for doing my awesome images. Look forward to shooting with you in the future!



“There are so many great thing to say about Fit Pics. They provided a set of high quality and creative shots that with quick and efficient turn around; what more could you ask for? Apart from the pictures, Fit Pics provided a fun and enjoyable experience during the shoots and was knowledgeable and creative with the shots.

They provided exactly what I was hoping for and I couldn’t of asked for a better experience. The communication was always quick and answered every question I had while providing tips and tricks above the call of duty for the session. Will certainly be doing shoots again with them in the future and would recommend them to anyone looking for a fitness photo shoot! Thanks Fit Pics”



“For my first professional shoot it went incredibly smooth and was really impressed by the quality of the work put into the editing!”



My experience shooting with Fit Pics was great! They were well prepared and I felt comfortable working with them right away.  Their experience showed with the direction they gave me and the creative ideas they had. 

I was very impressed with the quick turn-around time getting the images to me.  I would definitely recommend Fit Pics, and I look forward to working with them again in the future!



“After working my butt off for twenty weeks of diet prep for my first bikini show, it was obvious that I needed to document my journey.

Working with Fit Pics enabled me to do so; from good angles, to good photo editing they made being in front of the camera easy. The best part was being able to share these moments immediately after my shoot. The turnaround time was impeccable. Awesome work Fit Pics, I look forward to more shoots in the future!”



“Shooting with Fit Pics was awesome, I was a little nervous at first as I’m green to the competition world and they helped me find the poses and exercises that really showed off my definition and hardwork.  

I would recommend their work to anyone looking for shots, the turnaround on the pictures was surprisingly fast and the quality of images was fantastic.”



“After booking with Fit Pic to get professional pictures I was so nervous to get them done but after the first few shots were taken I felt amazing!  I had so much fun with different outfits, poses and they knew how to capture pictures that looked awesome!  The photographer was always coming up with different ideas that were unique and creative.  They were very professional and I was so impressed at how fast I got my pictures back but having to decide which ones to use was the hard part!

I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for fitness pictures to book with Fit Pics, after working so hard it is so worth it! Thanks so much!!”



“Working with Fit Pics was phenomenal!  From the moment I made contact to book the photo shoot, they were quick to reply and professional. Upon meeting the photographer, I felt comfortable.  They made the entire photo shoot pleasant and effortless!  Within a few days, I had all of my images uploaded to an easy to use app.  There were so many great photos that it made it difficult for me, and my friends and family, to choose our favorites.  I would highly recommend Fit Pics to anyone looking for a photographer that is easy to work with and truly enjoys what he does. Thank you again!”



“Working with Fit Pics was a fantastic experience. This being my first show, it was important to me that I had pictures taken to capture the moment. I had never really done a professional photo shoot before and I admit that I was nervous about it. But after a few short minutes, Fit Pics had me feeling right at home. The shoot was very professional but also a lot of fun. We were able to get a ton of really great shots and Fit Pics had no shortage of good ideas for photos.

Booking with Fit Pics was quick and seamless with excellent communication throughout the whole process. The turn around time on receiving the shots was extremely fast and I had photos with in days. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again in the future!”



“My husband booked a photo shoot for me right after my show.  It was a very spur of the moment booking and I’d never done one before, so I was a little stressed, and felt like “a deer in the headlights”.  I had absolutely no idea how I wanted to present myself, but the photographer was fantastic!

They coached me on how to pose, my facial expressions, and even offered some advice on what footwear to pair with different outfits. And when I got the pictures sent to me I was amazed!  I looked at ease and natural and I felt like he had captured my inner feelings in my facial expressions.”



“Working with Fit Pics was an great experience. I wanted to capture my hard work after competing for the first time.  I was a little nervous going into the shoot but I immediately was reassured by the clear directions I received and felt very comfortable.  The turn around to receive my pictures was quick, and the results were great. I ended up having a hard time deciding which pictures I liked the best because I liked so many of them!

I found Fit Pics to be professional to work with and the end the product was top quality. I would highly recommend Fit Pics Pro Fitness Photography to anyone who would like to chronicle their fitness journey with beautiful pictures that highlight their gains.”



“This was my first photoshoot ever.  From the planning to the end results, Fit Pics was professional, encouraging and made me feel at home.  The photographer’s imagination, control, inspiration and guidance was unsurpassed.  Their skill and perseverance paid off and truly great photos were taken. We see ourselves as we are, yet it’s truly eye-opening to see our images in photo, taken by someone that knows what they’re doing.  Even shooting in public is a breeze as their presence calms the nerves and pressure.  I recommend Fit Pics to any and everyone! Thank you for a wonderful experience and amazing results!”



“Having the recent opportunity to shoot with Fit Pics following my Physique debut was an exceptional experience, and I was blown away with the uniqueness and extreme professionalism in the quality of the images.  It was such a pleasure to co-create the settings and look together with the photographer, incorporating both of our ideas into the overall shoot.  They have a great eye for angles and shots to bring out the best features in my physique and was extremely helpful!

From having many photo shoots over the years, I can hands down say that this was the most efficient and talented work to capture the hard work from a contest prep into an extensive number of high quality images!

It was only a few short days’ turnaround time after the shoot before I received my photos and I couldn’t have asked for better communication through the whole process, from booking to the shoot details, and edits and finalization, definitely beyond impressed!  I would personally recommend Fit Pics to anyone looking to capture their hard work and bring out the best athlete in themselves through photography and I would personally shoot again with Fit Pics.”



“Previous to my own personal experience with Fit Pics, I was always in awe of the pictures that athletes would post after working with them. In the spring of last year I booked my shoot as I was prepping for a show. I was so excited to have them capture all of my hard work and they exceeded every expectation I had going into the shoot. I am not a natural in front of a camera and they made the experience so comfortable and rewarding, giving direction and guidance from poses to outfit selection. I went in awkward and came out confident with a smile you couldn’t wipe off my face! The quick turnaround was also amazing and honestly unexpected as photographers tend to take weeks to get your pictures to you. Once I received my pictures I was over the moon happy with them. We are always our own worst critics and I am guilty of picking myself apart but when I received these photographs, I couldn’t believe it was me; I loved ALL of them! Overall, it was an amazing experience and I will continue to recommend Fit Pics Pro to all my athletes and clients. Thank you! Looking forward to working with you again in the near future :)”


Jaime Otitoju

“My experience was great shooting with Fit Pics just before my WNBF Pro debut this past October. I typically don’t do a lot of photos or feel photogenic in general but I was comfortable the entire time as it went super smooth.

The shoot went fast, good shots were captured and even extra time was spent setting up efficiently to get the best angles and lighting for the photo which I was impressed by too.

I also appreciated the ideas that were suggested for poses, props used, and style of photos to bring out my strong areas and features to showcase all my hardwork over the course of my contest preparation. The proofs and edits were all done in a timely manner and my input requested which was very professional in this industry.

I would highly recommend hiring Fit Pics Pro Fitness Photography for any casual or fitness pictures to anyone who is interested in professional photos and having a good turnaround time was fantastic and the best I have experienced to date. I will be hiring them again in the near future to capture more fitness professional photos!

Thanks again! I love my pictures and it was hard to narrow down my top list!”

-Jaime Otitoju


“Fit Pics is an absolutely amazing photographer to work with. Not only from a professional perspective but also the personality that accompanies their fantastic ability to capture beautiful images. It is the most comfortable I have felt in front of the camera thanks to their encouraging words. They definitely have a way of bringing out the best in you once you step in front of the camera, not only this but their guidance and direction with regards to placement, posing and spacial orientation is fantastic. A few weeks after my shoot, I landed a modeling contract. It was an absolute pleasure working with Fit Pics – something I would do again in a heartbeat. You are inspirational and an absolute blast to work with.”


Karen Broda

“I had a great time working with Fit Pics!  They make you feel incredibly comfortable in front of the camera.  Although you get to choose the poses and style of your shoot, they recommend how to go about it in order to get the best shots possible.  The quality of the shots are excellent and the quick turnaround time is a bonus (not to mention you can easily download ALL shots that are taken during your shoot, without a watermark).  Without hesitation I would work with Fit Pics again!”

-Karen, IDFA Bikini Pro

Luc + Mandy

“We had an absolutely amazing experience with Fit Pics! With it being our first photo shoot and doing it only hours before we stepped on stage to compete, nerves were high and we had no idea what to expect. The photographer made us feel so comfortable and calmed all of the awkward fears of being in front of the camera. They were very professional in guiding our poses and was open to our creative ideas. We have so many fantastic shots individually as well as together. We received our photos back so quick and could not be any happier with them!!! Fit Pics is definitely our go to for our next photo shoot!”

-Luc & Mandy


“This was my first professional shoot, and I was extremely satisfied with every aspect of it! Not only was it very professional, but Fit Pics made me feel comfortable in what can be an odd situation, especially if you haven’t been in front of the camera before! I’m so happy with how my photos turned out. The quality of them is incredible! I would definitely consider booking another shoot with them in the future!”


Rejean LePage

WBFF Pro | Team Magnum Athlete

Marc Morris

“Fit Pics was extremely helpful and patient in guiding my first fitness shoot.  They aimed for perfection in each shot and I’m sure their work will be a mainstay in my portfolio for years to come.  I would recommend Fit Pics, to any fitness competitor, especially during competition season due to the quick turnaround on images.  I will look back fondly on our shoot as a memorable start in the fitness industry.”

-Marc, UFE Pro | Perfect Sports Athlete

Brandan Leadbeater

“Your first time doing a fitness shoot is always nerve racking and for me that was no different. The photographer made a first time experience with a professional camera an easy transaction. Not only did they give you freedom to be yourself, they encouraged it!. Their ability to capture the best in your physique, highlighting what you’ve worked hard for over the years and months of training and dieting made for an incredible experience. I truly recommend any athlete either trying to get noticed or just to remember your hard earned physique to go with Fit Pics Pro. Just remember, “Pictures say a thousand words”.. So why not get the best thousand words you can!”

-Brandan, Team Magnum Athlete


“My first time getting any professional pictures done was April 2013.  Not knowing a thing about photography and how to present myself for a photoshoot never mind a fitness photo shoot Fit Pics made it a breeze.  After months of training and dieting Fit Pics made the process effortless and enjoyable.  Within a day I got to see the hard work I put in through the photos.  I will definitely use Fit Pics again for the easy guidance and flawless photos!”



“After an 11 week contest prep for a fitness show, one who’s been in my shoes knows the importance of capturing the memories. These long 11 weeks, are tough mentally and physically. Fit Pics knows EXACTLY how to showcase what an athlete dedicated in the weeks spent to look the way we do. I enjoyed working with Fit Pics for so many reasons. They gave me the option of where and when I wanted to shoot, and a detailed list of examples, and props one would use in his/her shoot!  They also gave me ideas and locations which they had suggested would “suit” my look!  They were easy to work with, and was quick to point out positions and stances that helped reflect the models’ appearance. The equipment used was high end and easily moved from one shoot to another, thus reducing the amount of time wasted per each location.

All of the photo’s turned out amazing, and the ones that i had chose to edit, came back looking incredible. Fit Pics’ turn-around time on getting the photos in my hand was VERY quick and he was very reliable when it came to communication and feedback.

I have referred Fit Pics to a few other clients who’s comments were similar to mine and were more than satisfied with the overall outcome. If given the opportunity, i would work with Fit Pics again, and again and again. I highly recommend Fit Pics to the easy going client, model, or athlete that wants to document and showcase your work in an artistic and proud light. Thanks for the pictures Fit Pics and I look forward to working with you again!!”



“I have been doing photo shoots with Fit Pics since the spring and I can say nothing but great things.  I have done hours of photo shoots with Fit Pics and the turn around for photos is extremely quick, sometimes the same day with amazing quality as well.

They make everything very comfortable in front of a camera and I had absolutely no idea how to pose at my first shoot and they made it seem effortless.  I have already had more than 5 shoots with them and I will definitely be working with Fit Pics for a very long time.  I recommend them to anybody looking to get some pictures done.”


Mike & Calla

“Working with Fit Pics was a very positive experience.  They know what looks good on camera and have lots of great ideas to best bring out to show your hard work.  Pictures were uploaded very quickly with access to all of them.  We would recommend Fit Pics to anyone wanting to document their progress and hard work.”

-Mike & Calla


“My experience Fit Pics was very positive. The photographer was very professional and quick to respond to email. They were also very well organized and had great locations picked out and provided great directions for getting there. I was very happy with the pictures that resulted from this shoot and the speed at which I received them.”



“This was my first photo shoot of this kind and I was a little nervous about it.  Fit Pics was professional and put me at ease, they made suggestions for poses and was open to the ideas I had.  I went with Fit Pics as I had seen former competitors’ pictures and was really impressed with how they looked.  I have had several compliments on the photos!”



“My passion is bodybuilding and Fit Pics was able to capture some of the best photos I’ve had taken over the years.  I felt very comfortable and they assisted me in achieving the best shots possible.  I’m very happy with my photos and would highly recommend Fit Pics to anyone seeking professional pictures that will catch everyone’s eye.”



“Fit Pics was professional, courteous, and prompt.  My images were ready within a short time-frame and look great.  I am very pleased with Fit Pics and would recommend them to others who are looking for a fitness photo shoot.”


Denise Kominetsky

“Shooting with Fit Pics was definitely an unique experience! Time was spent diligently on every costume and setting change to carefully capture just the perfect image! I was directed in an appropriate manner and the pictures were received quickly – and lots of them! My ideas were all taken into consideration and edits were completed in a timely manner. The response to the pictures taken has been outstanding from the public! Above all, the shoot was fun, energetic, and exciting!”


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