Information on this page does not apply to mini-shoots.

The following is a quick overview on our post shoot process and some helpful tips on how we send your photos to you.


Important Notices:

Publishing Opportunities

If you would like to pursue publishing opportunities DO NOT post any of your shots onto social media until it it determined which shots should be submitted.  Most publications will not accept any photos that have already been distributed (including on your own facebook or Instagram).  Even a similar shot in the same outfit could affect an opportunity.  With that said it can be a long process and you may decide that there is more benefit to be able to immediately share your photos.


Credit ‘Fit Pics’ on Social Media

We no longer place distracting watermarks on the images that are delivered to you.  Instead, as you agreed at the shoot, you must tag and credit Fit Pics in the comments when posting photos on social media.  If we shot at a specialized location such as at a gym or fitness facility it may also be a requirement to credit/tag their social media accounts as well.


Our Facebook page is located at this link


  • Tag @Fit Pics Pro Fitness Photography
  • In the description/text of your post “Photo Credit Fit Pics” or “Photo by: Fit Pics”


  • Tag @fitpicspro
  • In the description/text of your post “Photo Credit @fitpicspro” or “Photo by: @fitpicspro”


Do not use Filters or Edit the Photos

Each photo is color corrected to look like how the scene looked in person.  Please refrain from making significant edits to the images or applying filters that make significant adjustments from our original.


Do not screenshot images as the quality will be poor
Use the proper Download link to save the image to your computer or mobile device


Receiving your Photos

We use two systems to send your unedited photos from the shoot to you.

1) Pass Online Gallery

Note:  There is no need to pay for access to the Pass Online Gallery System.  You may be prompted to pay for the use of the system to receive optional benefits such as ability to download photos all at once and to have the gallery on-line for 10 years.  To work around these limitations we send you a separate link to download all the photos at once (you can still download/save individual single photos one at a time using the gallery.  Your photos are also automatically expected to be active in the Pass Online Gallery system for 10 years.

We will often send you a small section of unedited preview photos shortly after the shoot.  The timeline for this can vary depending if your shoot is around a show.


2) OneDrive ZIP File

Approximately a week after all photos have been added onto the Pass Online Gallery, we will send you a OneDrive link via email where you can download a zip file containing all of the shoot files that you can download to your computer then extract the zip file to save your images.


Note:  We will only upload your photos one time.  It is highly recommended that you backup your photos to the cloud, USB stick, DVD or CD, etc. in case you have a computer failure.  If you do experience a data loss and would like us to send the images to you again an additional fee will be required for us to restore your images from our archive and re-upload to you.  There are no guarantees that we will still have your photos if/when this happens.



All of the photos that are sent to you are unedited.  We do spend some time on each photo before sending but there are significant differences after we do a full edit on one of your photos.  Each package includes a certain number of edits.  Once you have selected your favorite shots, you can email us which file numbers you want us to edit.  Additional edits can be purchased beyond those included in your package.


Printing Photos

Do not use the PASS system to order photos.  Instead send the files that you want printed to: (listed in order of quality): Costco, London Drugs, or Walmart for printing.  You may want to ensure that auto-correct is turned off when placing the order online or in person.  Getting your prints done up locally will be significantly cheaper than ordering through the PASS system.


Use of Photos

It is our policy that images can only be use for personal non-commercial purposes.



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