As an independent athlete, when you shoot with Fit Pics you enjoy many benefits which often set us apart from other photographers:


We specialize and our expertise is only in the fitness industry.  We do not shoot weddings or baby pictures on the side.  Our complete focus is on photographing athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness models.  This dedication and experience helps increase the quality of our fitness photos and ensure we capture the best images at your shoot with us.

Published Work

Our work has been internationally published in major industry magazines and publications.  Our work has also been used in commercial advertising campaigns.   We maintain the same quality and creative support that we do on these shoots to your shoot, maximizing results.

Focused on You

We don’t overbook or jam dozens of models into a 14 hour shoot day.  We do not do ‘shoot marathons’ – not even around popular contest dates.  This means our focus is entirely on getting high quality shots that reflect your personality.  We spend a lot of time and attention planning for your shoot and are not worried about finishing quickly to move to the next model who is waiting.  This also allows us to come up with unique ideas for your shoot which help provide a variety of images.

Fast Turn Around

Since we only do a limited number of shoots each day, we are able to turn around your images within 24-48 hours – often times sooner!  Again since we don’t do ‘shoot marathons’ back to back we have time to work on your images.  This means you are not waiting for months for a photographer to catch up from their marathon shoots before you see your photos.

Pro Retouching

We professionally retouch your favorite images using the same high end retouching process we use for commercial shoots.  We spend 2-3 hours on each image ensuring the utmost best quality.

Your Pics are Yours

Our shoot packages include ALL of the photos shot at the shoot.  These are color corrected and optimized.  We do not hold your images hostage by putting them in a time limited online gallery which you can only view (not save).  You will receive actual JPEG images that you can use for personal use.  These images also do not contain any distracting watermarks or branding logos.

Fully Equipped

We bring all of our professional lighting and photography equipment even on location shoots.  This means you can enjoy the same professional lighting techniques as we can do in studio.  This is the same equipment we bring to our commercial photo shoots.  Having a full array of equipment to use makes a huge difference in the quality of the images.  Even when we travel we still bring everything needed, versus situations that models come across when working with travelling  photographers who only bring their camera and minimal lighting equipment.