We’ve put together this helpful guide containing tips and ideas to help prepare for your Photo Shoot.



As far as outfits we leave that up to you. The following are some suggestions:  I wouldn’t suggest a need to go out and buy stuff you probably have lots of things in your closet that can be used.


Most women shoot in more glamour/swimsuit/bikini type attire in most of the shots but it’s whatever you want to wear.  If you want to do magazine submissions these are the types of shots that are more picked up.  Regardless you may want to wear other things as well including a fitness workout look. You should have 3-4 outfits for outside if possible and another 4-5 things for studio or gym shoots .

  • Gym/Athletic attire for workout shots (sporty look with different tops/shorts/gym shoes).
  • More glamorous type clothing that could be worn for more posing type shots
  • Bikini/swimsuit/and/or lingerie type clothing
  • Dressier look with heels (cocktail dresses or even some type of leather jacket look is also good)
  • Remember shoes for everything and any accessories you want to wear such as ear rings, etc. and stuff to fix or style your hair differently between shots if you want different looks or if it needs fixing while changing.
  • Your posing suit.


  • Gym/Athletic attire for workout shots (sporty look with different tops/shorts/gym shoes).
  • Muscle shirt(s) and/or Button up shirt (that you can leave open/unbuttoned)
  • Tight t-shirt(s) (sometimes plain in variety of solid colors is best)
  • Dressier look if you want (but most people skip)
  • Jeans/belts
  • Hooded Jacket with zipper/opens.
  • Underwear (different colors, brands)
  • Towel
  • Remember shoes for everything and any accessories you want to wear such as hats/beanies, sunglasses, etc. and stuff to fix or style your hair differently between shots if you want different looks or if it needs fixing while changing.

Some people do up looks like a western look, construction, military, sports, etc or whatever you want to put together as a theme.  Think about what you may have that would fit into the props/clothes you have to get a unique look.

If we are shooting outside there may be changing in your vehicle required so try and bring whatever you need like a blanket or big towel to cover.

You may want to arrive at the shoot wearing loose, baggy clothing in order to prevent any marks on the skin caused by tight fitting clothes (such as bras, jeans etc.)




Depending on how light you are you may want to consider getting a spray tan.  Tanning salons that have the Mystic machine (such as Fabutan) usually are good value and the application is automated.  https://www.instagram.com/lavishbeautyyqr/ and @organictanregina both on instagram are places people have also used before (a person applies the spray).   If you have tanned normally in a tanning bed and can get a bit darker you probably don’t need a spray tan.  Tanning allows the ability to add in extra definition with the lighting.  If you are competing and we are shooting before a show you will want to touch base with your show tanning provider to ensure that whatever you do won’t affect your stage tan.

It’s also possible to get an ok tan by purchasing a tanning product at a drug store and applying it before the shoot.  NeoStrata Natural insta-Tan is an example of this and gives a natural tan look.

If we are shooting right after your show, in order to have a natural looking tan DO NOT SCRUB.  Do not use soap in the shower.  Rinse long enough that the water isn’t showing your tan in it (no brown water).  When you dry off Pat dry.  No towel ex foliating.  This should in most cases leave you with a nice natural looking tan perfect for a shoot.

Body Sheen & Grooming

I strongly suggest all models use a product from Pro Tan called Muscle Juice which adds a natural looking shine sheen to your body which gives a glossy look.  With that said spray-on tanning lotion (sunscreen) will pretty much do the same thing.  The muscle juice is often used around shows as it won’t usually affect application of your stage tan.  You can also get it on these Canadian websites


http://www.supplementscanada.com/protan-muscle-juice-118ml.html  (this is popeye’s online store)

http://www.amazon.ca/ProTan-Competition-Maximum-Definition-118-5ml/dp/B00117YTOY (click where it says 15 New to see options from other sellers)

https://www.popeyescanada.com/protan_muscle_juice_118ml.html Popeyes list it on their website but to my knowledge it’s not available locally (perhaps they can bring it in?)


As far as body hair – most people will use trimmers instead of shaving/nair/waxing or whatever other method so that breakouts/bumps don’t appear.  If it’s trimmed down as close as possible it won’t show up on camera in most cases even though you may physically see it.



Generally if you go to the salon/office of the makeup provider before the shoot it will be much cheaper than having someone at the shoot.


We suggest one of the following in order of suggestion:  Rates are based on going to the salon/shop to be done up before the shoot and may or may not be current.

Vanessa Fahlman (Makeup)
(306) 536-3817


Face by Meagan (Makeup)

Charity Elle (Makeup)
Last time we checked $100 for makeup and she would come to you.  Optional lashes $10.  She has hair stylists that she can recommend.

Ashley Ruecker (Hair) & Ariel Feindel (Makeup) at Salon Haze

2206 Dewdney Ave, Regina, SK S4R 1H2
(306) 522-4293
Ariel: 306-527-5486 or
Last time we checked $80 for Makeup, $80 for Hair
They regularly do fitness shows makeup both for stage and shoots. Ashley has competed herself and I have shot with her a few times.




Rhonda Orosz (Hair & Makeup)  Contact us for her information.


Other Cities

Email us for a recommendation.



Bring along some water in case we are outside.  Some fitness models like to consume sugars to keep muscles looking fuller.  Other times it’s good to have a snack on hand for longer shoots.  Make sure that this fits into your current diet plans as contest prep should be your primary focus.  Your trainer may be able to provide better suggestions on how to get shoot ready geared specifically to your body.



  • If we are shooting in studio we have a bunch of weights that can be used as props.
  • You may want to bring other props you may have around the house/garage to hold, etc.  Heavier stuff is great for flexing or it could be things you just want to have in the shot that look good.  Feel free to discuss ideas.



  • Practice a few poses in the mirror beforehand in order to find out what works best for you.  Being able to move into different poses at the shoot is helpful.  Be sure to communicate with me at the shoot anything that you want to do and ideas that you have.



It’s important to communicate any ideas or things you want to do with us before the shoot.


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